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How the cloud can underpin contact centre success

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cloud contact centre success

Over the past year all contact centres have had to embrace remote and home working – and many have faced technical challenges when making this shift. If you’ve had such problems, then switching to the cloud is likely to be the best solution to support your operations moving forward. The cloud delivers multiple benefits. Firstly, it enables your team to be up and running in the shortest possible time, wherever they are based. Additionally, you can integrate all your business-critical data, given that many of your other systems are probably already in the cloud. And as your business needs change and grow, you can adapt quickly and simply, without having to invest in additional hardware or IT resources. The flexibility of the cloud means you can also easily increase the number of employees using your solution, or add new features as your requirements evolve.

Enghouse Trio Cloud Contact Center is Enghouse Interactive’s cloud-based contact centre solution. It enables organisations of all sizes to smoothly move their contact centre to the cloud. This allows you to focus on your core business, eliminate expensive technology investments and reduce the workload of your IT team.

Why a cloud solution?

Digitisation has transformed technology, enabling businesses to use IT to operate more effectively and efficiently. As part of this, cloud services have grown enormously, allowing organisations to store their data online, rather than on their own servers. This delivers key advantages. Employees can easily access the same, up-to-date, information, from any connected device, wherever they are. Also, once they’ve securely logged on once, there’s no need for additional VPN keys or complicated passwords, making the process much simpler for employees.

Cloud – then and now

Initially, cloud services were primarily used to make it easier for businesses to keep their data in one place. However, as they have developed, it’s now possible to do almost everything in the cloud, from storing information to co-creating documents and communicating with customers and colleagues. Moving forward, we’re seeing more and more technology areas and applications, such as the contact centre, moving to the cloud.

At the same time, customers are becoming more demanding. They want a consistent, high quality customer experience, and the service your contact centre provides is central to this. Companies know that if they fail to offer a superior level of service, dissatisfied customers can easily switch to rivals.

Trio Cloud Contact Center is a cloud-based contact centre solution that underpins your customer-oriented, efficient and profitable business. It enables you to offer your customers state-of-the-art service, anytime, anywhere, from any device, helping to retain them for the long-term.

Here are eight of the main reasons to move your contact centre to the cloud and Trio:

1. Benefit from Microsoft certification

The Microsoft Certification Program is designed to provide customers with reassurance that each partner’s solution has been tested and verified to provide the quality, compatibility and reliability they expect from Microsoft solutions. Trio is certified under the Microsoft Teams Connected Contact Center programme, delivering increased reassurance and seamless integration with your overall Microsoft infrastructure.

2. Ensure the highest levels of security

Trio Cloud Contact Center is built to enable full compliance with both local and international data security requirements. Enghouse is constantly developing its solutions to ensure that Trio delivers the highest levels of security and protects your own and your customers’ data.

3. Scale your contact centre solution to meet your changing needs

In a world where everything changes rapidly, it is vital that your technology is flexible and scalable. Trio is easy and fast to customise – whether it is as your business grows, if you need to add agents at particular times of year, or when the unexpected happens.

4. Reduce pressure on your IT department

Removing the need to support your contact centre solution on-premise frees up your IT department’s time and resources. This enables them to focus on your core business, ensuring technology is underpinning your strategic growth – safe in the knowledge that Enghouse Interactive is taking care of your contact centre applications.

5. Profit from a faster pace of innovation

Trio makes it easy to add and leverage new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), within your contact centre. This enables you to keep up with your customers’ ever-rising expectations, now and in the future.

6. Enable seamless working, wherever your people are

With Trio it is easy to enable your contact centre teams to work remotely. Through its high availability and online access your contact centre is always open and accessible, wherever staff are based.

7. Benefit from stable, predictable costs

Thanks to the cloud, there’s no need for expensive investments in infrastructure and no unexpected third-party costs. With Trio you pay the same monthly licence fee per agent throughout your contract.

8. Increase flexibility and speed

Take advantage of Trio’s fast implementation, upgrades and updates that ensure that additional features are available when you need them. Easily integrate with other cloud-based applications to bring your business-critical data together.

How to get started with Trio Cloud Contact Center

Instead of taking months as is often the case with older, more traditional systems, getting up and running with Trio only takes a few days. In less than a week, your contact centre can be fully operational, without compromising functionality. Trio Cloud Contact Center is easy to integrate with your existing technology, provides increased availability and gives you the agility you require to support changing business needs. Our close cooperation with Microsoft ensures that Enghouse’s solutions maintain the same high levels of quality, compatibility, and reliability that Microsoft itself delivers.

Want to know more about Trio Cloud Contact Center? Download our Cloud eGuide or book a demo with one of our experts.


how to get started with trio cloud contact center